Pumpstation Gastro is investing in employee development

It is an honor to work with modern companies that value their employees and invest in their development. Michel Péclard and his team are in sync with our mission at Global Swiss Learning: promote employee training and improve their skills and career paths, while leveraging business growth. 

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Pumpstation Gastro is investing in employee development

The employees are being trained internally –at the Academy of Cooks & Pans– with our Culinary Training program, developed in partnership with the Swiss Chefs Association and WIGL.

GSL Culinary Training

This week the students concluded the fifth in-house training, with practical exams in the kitchen at Hotelfachshule Zurich (HFZ), and the online test, under the supervision of Maik Pfister (Pumpstation), Patrick Diethelm (GSL), and Marco Mehr (GSL).  

Pumpstation team after the exam

We're excited to see the positive impact this training has already had on the students.

We would like to congratulate Maik Pfister and the whole Péclard team and thank them for their commitment to making this project a success!  

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