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With professional education programs from the top vocational schools in Switzerland, the number one country for high-quality vocational education, you can create valuable opportunities for both your teachers and students.

Global Swiss Learning develops courses with Swiss institutions based on the original content offered in vocational education trainings in Switzerland. Despite the varying educational conditions in each country, our unique blended learning courses are modular and can be adapted to specific local requirements.​

Value for your students​​
Your students will receive a highly-valued certificate issued by our Swiss partner school, facilitating access to global jobs and employers, as well as the opportunity to continue their education in Switzerland.​

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Together with our renowned educational partners and industry partners we enable premier vocational education worldwide.

Our courses are designed by professionals, who are experts in their fields, and who collaborate with our partners to create and implement high-quality educational content.

SOME OF OUR educational and industry PARTNERs
by: richemont

Plant & Apparatus Engineering

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Available now

The student will learn to manufacture metal apparatus, machines, and systems. This includes fabricating individual parts, assembling them into components; as well as operating and maintaining equipments.

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250 hours
by: richemont
By: Global Swiss Learning

Restaurant Service

Coming soon
Available now

Students will gain the knowledge to prepare tables and hot and cold drinks, and gain the confidence to take orders, make informed recommendations and manage customer expectations with skill and expertise.

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by: richemont
By: Swiss Chefs Association

Culinary Essential

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Available now

Learn the culinary basics in the fundamentals of the kitchen modules and our food knowledge and science modules. Practice what has already been learned with the help of 50+ foundational interactive recipes.

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Opportunities for your students

Official certification
by Swiss partners

Our Swiss partners are leaders in vocational education in Switzerland. They stand behind the quality of our educational programs and offer certification through their institution, and the possibility for further education in Switzerland.

Differentiated knowledge for advanced learning​

Our vocational courses are known for their practice, methodology and depth in the Swiss style. Students learn specialities, techniques and methods unique to Switzerland and beyond.​

Expanded career and

Students have the possibility to access jobs, internships, and employers both locally and globally. Through our alumni community, students gain professional connections and become a part of the international hiring pool.

Student platform

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In order to facilitate student learning and maintain quality standards, we certify your teachers or send certified trainers to assist during the on-campus portion of the students' learning. Our trainers are licensed by our Swiss partners, but employed and managed by Global Swiss Learning locally.​

During the certification process, your teachers have the opportunity to collaborate, learn new didactics along the way, and increase your school's visibility and reputation on an international scale.

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