Invest in Swiss vocational education
to empower our society

We are democratizing the best professional education by making it affordable. ​​We give young people around the world the skills to be competitive in the modern workforce!​​

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Our vision

We see a major disruption to the traditional education model driven by cost, availability, quality, and student's deep desire to select when and where they want to access education freely.​​

Global Swiss Learning brings Swiss vocational education to the world through blended learning - a combination of online educational and traditional classroom-based training. By shifting a significant part of traditional education to online learning, we make it scalable, transportable, and affordable.​​

We create access to high-quality Swiss education, top certification, and the possibility to evolve the students’ careers within our education world to follow their professional dreams.​

Join us on an amazing journey that will change all of us by making Swiss education accessible for everybody.​

What problems do we solve?


Problem: Education access & affordability, jobs

We offer high-quality, flexible, accessible, and affordable Swiss VET and accredited certificates. We open doors to employers and a professional career.​

Local Vocational Schools

Problem: Quality & image​

We offer a “plug & play” online solution that includes practical guided training. ​​We train the trainers at local schools, and increase their skills and motivation. ​

Swiss Education Partners

Problem: Digitization, distribution, financing, and the limited size of the Swiss housing market​

Swiss education providers get access to digital courses, global markets, and new means of financing. ​


Problem: Skilled work-force, retention​

We give employers and their in-service professionals, distributors, and clients access to standardized, high-quality VET as well as access to skilled new employees ready to be hired.​​

Our Strategic Pillars


Social Impact

It will considerably improve the living conditions of our international graduates and their families​.



Everyone should have access to good education.​
We're committed to making it a reality​.

Being a

Game Changer

For the first time and exclusively by GSL, Swiss vocational education will cross borders through online courses with a "plug and play" methodology​.

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