Invest in premier
vocational education

We are democratizing access to the best vocational courses by making it affordable. ​​We give young people around the world the skills to be competitive in the modern workforce.​​

Our COMPANY vision

Over time, we have seen technology changing the traditional educational model. This shift is driven by cost, availability, quality, and a higher demand for digital education after the pandemic. Companies and schools are looking for flexible solutions to qualify their employees and students.

Global Swiss Learning brings premier vocational courses to the world through blended learning—a combination of online and traditional classroom-based training. By shifting a significant part of traditional education programs to online learning, we make it scalable, transportable, and affordable.​​

We have started our journey of bringing premier vocational education to companies, schools and students. We choose our courses to target different industries’ needs and our markets based on the potential they have to offer in terms of business. We see opportunities to implement our training programs in many sectors, as the demand for qualified personnel is a constant topic for corporations.  

Join us in bringing premier vocational education to the world and transform the industries and professional market.

What problems do we solve?

Students / professionals

Problem: Education access & affordability, jobs

We offer high-quality, flexible, accessible and affordable Swiss vocational courses and certificates. We open doors to employers and a professional career.​

Local vocational schools

Problem: Quality & image​

We offer a plug & play online solutions that include practical, guided training. ​​We train the trainers at local schools, and increase their skills and motivation. ​

Swiss educational partners

Problem: Digitization, distribution, finance, limited market​

We provide benefits for our Swiss educational partners. They get access to new technologies, digital courses, global markets, and a new means of financing. ​


Problem: Skilled work-force, retention​

We give employers and their in-service professionals, distributors, and clients access to standardized, high-quality vocational training as well as access to skilled new employees ready to be hired.​​

Our strategic pillars

Social impact

We will considerably improve the living conditions of international students and professionals, and their families​.


Everyone should have access to high-quality education and we are committed to making it a reality​.

Game changer

For the first time, Swiss vocational courses will cross borders through online courses with our plug and play methodology​.

Our history


> Company foundation​
> Agreement Swiss vocational education partners


Production starts: bakery, pastry, confectionery and culinary courses​
1st pilot bakery, pastry and confectionery courses


> 2nd Pilot Richemont in China and Brazil​
Sales pipeline buildup: Schools & Corporates in China, Brazil and Switzerland
> Signed with the 1st schools in China
> Signed with the 1st corporate clients in Switzerland


> First corporate clients in Switzerland implement our trainings
> First schools in China start with our courses
> Industry partnership with Victorinox and Rational
> Production completed: bakery, pastry, confectionery and culinary courses
> Production started on new courses: gastronomy service, housekeeping, reception, system gastronomy, hotel management, apparatus engineering and construction machinery mechanics

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