Pedro Calvo: Mastering the art of baking

Pedro emphasizes the need to balance theory and practice in baking. While a solid theoretical foundation is essential, it is practical experience that allows bakers to truly understand the processes behind bread production and make informed decisions during the manufacturing process. Understanding the "why" behind each action is crucial to achieving consistency and quality in every batch.

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Pedro Calvo: Mastering the art of baking

From an early age, Pedro Calvo found his passion in the art of baking. With an 18-year career in the culinary field, Pedro began his journey in the experimental kitchen of a consulting firm, where he had his first contact with the fascinating art of bread-making. This experience sparked a genuine interest in the planning and curious science behind bread production.

After graduating in gastronomy and hotel management, Pedro sought to enhance his knowledge with a postgraduate degree in business management in food services. At a pivotal point in his career, Pedro Calvo decided to join Global Swiss Learning, where he would become a Baker Master Trainer Richemont in Brazil with recognized Swiss certification.  

He applies his vast knowledge and experience to shape the next generation of talents in baking in the country. In this role, he not only shares the refined techniques he learned but also his philosophy that excellence in baking begins with a deep understanding of the science behind bread.  

Investing in knowledge is one of Pedro’s main recommendations for those who wish to excel in the baking industry. In addition to attending practical courses, he encourages extensive reading to deepen understanding of ingredients, techniques, and processes. Furthermore, Pedro highlights to entrepreneurs the importance of sharing knowledge with employees. By investing in team training, it is possible to increase production efficiency and ensure consistency in product quality. By empowering his collaborators with solid skills and knowledge, and developing a consistent career plan, Pedro believes it is possible to build a strong team prepared to face the challenges of the baking industry.

Pedro Calvo's journey at Global Swiss Learning as a Master Trainer is a testament that continuous learning and commitment to excellence in baking yield unimaginable fruits for those who seek to build a career in this field. His story inspires not only aspiring bakers but also all those who seek to achieve success through a love for what they do and a constant desire to learn and grow in the culinary field.

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