Essential Culinary Training

Learn the culinary basics in the fundamentals of the kitchen modules and our food knowledge and science modules. Practice what has already been learned with the help of 50+ foundational interactive recipes.

Culinary Essential

Learning goals

Understand the basic theory needed to become a kitchen pro.

Learn essential cooking methods and preparation techniques.

Become familiar with 11 new fundamental food groups.

Get to know the essence of everyday products & ingredients.

Integrate everyday kitchen tools and devices into the workflow.

Implement the five production steps in everyday situations.

Prepare 50+ recipes to demonstrate your practical skills.

Build independence and gain confidence with implementation.

Understand the basic theory needed to become a kitchen pro.

Learn essential cooking methods and preparation techniques.

Become familiar with 11 new fundamental food groups.

Get to know the essence of everyday products & ingredients.

Training content

19 modules
300–400 hrs

Fundamentals of the kitchen

Food knowledge and science


Blended learning

This course is conducted both online and in-person...

This course is conducted both online and in-person. Learners study the bulk of the material online (80%). The in-person training sessions are supplemental, and can be done either one-on-one or in groups (20%).

Online 80%


Courses available in different languages

Top-notch digital learning

Interactive graphics, learning path, avatar guide, quizzes, forum

Online requirements

Internet access and a computer/tablet/ smart phone

On-site 20%


Conducted locally by GSL or in-house / on-campus certified trainers


Trainers test the learners' skill levels in order to evaluate them for final certification​​


We offer implementation support for schools and companies

In-person requirements

Learner’s will need access to the company / school’s training facilities (kitchen, production,..)

Culinary Training Program

Culinary Training Program

Essential Culinary Training

Essential Culinary Training

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  • This is course 1 of 3 in the Culinary Training Program.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course.
  • The next two courses in this program are: Culinary Professional and Culinary Expert

Why people choose our courses

"It was incredibly easy to complete the Global Swiss Learning online portion of the course due to the additional webinars with the instructors. I always had the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback whenever I needed it."

Corina G.
Corina G.
Chef, Romania

"The best course I have ever seen. You can work and learn a lot online. I can study when I have time. I was able to apply 80% of what I learned immediately in the kitchen. I would love to continue learning other subjects."

Alfred A.
Alfred A.
Student, Pumpstation Gastro

“Platform is easy to use. You can find exactly what you’re looking for and it’s well structured. I want to continue learning with it.​ You can learn on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.​ I’ve learned a lot so far – technical knowledge. Now I know some “whys”.”

Bogdan G.
Bogdan G.
Chef, Balance & Familie

"The course is just wow! The best part is the recipes. Now I understand how the recipes work..If you don't know a word, you can look at the picture. I can apply the learnings right away.”​

Shahedula A.
Shahedula A.
Student, Pumpstation Gastro
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