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Ready made in-house education

Professional education—made easy

We combine digital and on-site learning for a blended learning educational experience like no other. With tailored implementation support that leads to industry certification for your employees.

Blended learning

Digital courses

Interactive and engaging learning


All you need on one learning platform

Multi-lingual online course platform
Accessible from anywhere, anytime
With reporting and progress tracking
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ON-SITE learning

Hands-on, practical experience

On-site training

Learning takes places on-site, locally, meaning there’s no need to travel to another location.

Certified trainers

Can be lead by your in-house company trainers or we’ll provide local GSL certified trainers.

Practical preparation

Prepares employees for everyday, on-the-job experiences and the final evaluation before certification.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule according to your needs, reducing stress on company and employees.


Swiss-quality industry certification

Industry approved

Full certification through GSL, with industry approved content from our Swiss educational partners and industry leaders

Measurable performance

Measures skills and knowledge of employees company-wide and verifies employees’ growth and progress over longer periods

Global standard

Provides a global in-house standard for companies and enables them to transfer employees between locations