We're getting market-ready!

Global Swiss Learning is happy to announce another new hire to our growing team. Gabriela Schultz joins us as a Marketing Manager to lead the overall marketing and branding strategy. With a demonstrated history of building brands for global companies, she will work closely with the management and the local sales teams to develop a consistent communication and go-to-market concept to appeal to different audiences.

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We're getting market-ready!

Gabriela Schultz

Gabriela is a marketing professional with over 12 years’ experience in different industries in Europe, Asia and Brazil. Prior to joining Global Swiss Learning, Gabriela had a global Marketing Manager position at Sika Swiss headquarters and was responsible for international branding campaigns. She has also worked with Boticario Group in Brazil for several years and managed an entire product line, and was also partially based in Hong Kong, for product development.

Gabriela holds an MBA in Management from the Baldwin Wallace University of Ohio, USA, and a certification of Marketing from Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil.

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