We are launching our Culinary Training for Chefs in Romania

We are proud to launch a new era of culinary education in Romania. Starting in November 2023, our educational program aims to elevate the skills and careers of ten professional chefs by turning them into Culinary Master Trainers.

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We are launching our Culinary Training for Chefs in Romania

The kick-off event took place online on the 16th of November with all the participating chefs, led with enthusiasm and joy by Patrick Diethelm, our Head Culinary Excellence. Participants shared their stories and a common goal: acquiring valuable knowledge to pass on to the younger generation of chefs. All future Master Trainers agreed that a strong foundation is essential, and we believe we can provide that in the best Swiss-quality way.

Our Culinary Training is designed to empower culinary excellence and transform experienced chefs into Swiss-industry certified Master Trainers. After completing the program, the professionals will be equipped with the expertise needed to shape the next generation of culinary professionals, not only in Romania but across Eastern Europe. This project marks a significant evolution in the local culinary education landscape.

Revolutionizing education through digital courses

We are at the forefront of revolutionizing education by digitizing vocational training, an educational sector that has not yet undergone a digital transformation. The Swiss-quality vocational education—renowned for its methodology and depth—can now be accessible to culinary professionals in Romania, a move which has been building since our company received positive outcomes of similar implementation models in Asia, Brazil, and Switzerland.

By launching our vocational training programs, we are committed to creating impact for the country, across multiple dimensions. First and foremost, the program aims to contribute to Romania's economic growth, helping to create a highly skilled and dynamic workforce. By equipping professionals with advanced culinary expertise, we support the hospitality industry to elevate the quality of its workforce and drive economic prosperity.

The culinary education is just the beginning of our plans for Romania. In the HoReCa (hotel / restaurant / catering) industry, we will be soon launching programs in Bakery, Confectionary and Pastry Professions, in addition to Housekeeping, Hotel-Communication and Restaurant Service – already underway in other countries.

Innovation supported by industry representatives  

Acknowledging the significance of this initiative, the Asociația “Breasla Bucătarilor din Cluj”, an association committed to the advancement of culinary professionals and seeks to involve natural and legal persons in the knowledge and promotion of the gastronomic sector and gastronomic education , and the Kolping society, a philanthropic organization that supports initiatives aimed at empowering individuals through education and skill development, are proud co-sponsors of the training. Their joint vision is to cultivate a team of culinary professionals capable of shining in the Romanian market, positioning the country as a central hub for culinary education across Eastern Europe.

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