Swiss Chef courses make local launch in Zurich

@Cayla Casares
Swiss Chef courses make local launch in Zurich

Last week, our Swiss Chef courses launched at the Pumpstation Gastro GmbH, lead by Michel Péclard, here in Zurich. Tele Züri was there to cover the start of the courses, and we here at Global Swiss Learning got a behind the scenes recap from our local Culinary Expert Marco Mehr, and our Head of Culinary Excellence, Patrick Diethelm, who were there to accompany the group at the start of the courses.

With Global Swiss Learning’s digital solutions, Pumpstation Gastro GmbH will train its first round of professionals in Switzerland. Using our blended learning model, the students will learn both online and in-person, guided by Péclard's internal chefs, Chef Armin Egli and Chef Maik Pfister.

Pumpstation Gastro GmbH students with Patrick Diethelm (left) and Marco Mehr (right).

On day one of the launch, the students were introduced to the real life version of their digital course avatar, Marco Mehr. Mehr, along with Patrick Diethelm were on-site for the day to share stories about their careers, give the students an overview of Global Swiss Learning, introduce the Swiss Chefs training program, and in general, to be available to answer questions from students about the ins and outs of their new digital education platform.

On day two, the students, along with Diethelm, attended a traditional cheese making course in Einsiedeln, with Tele Züri in tow. Diethlem will remain close with the first cohort, to make sure the chefs have the support they need, as the courses develop, to help their students learn and grow quickly and efficiently.

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