Our chef course featured on the Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung

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Our chef course featured on the Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung

The Hotellerie Gastronomie Zeitung has featured our newest course in their latest article.
Check out the translated and original article below:

"Global Swiss Learning AG from Zug is taking vocational training to the rest of the world.
Now with the support of Wigl and the Swiss Chefs Association SKV.
With great regularity, Swiss apprenticeship graduates occupy the top ranks at the world vocational championships. Global Swiss Learning AG is pursuing the goal of disseminating this high-quality education internationally in digital form. Specially developed online teaching materials are used in cooperation with local schools. An avatar guides the students through these.
"If we want to enter different markets and the courses are to be financially viable, we have to examine different possibilities. The avatar is one example," says Samuel Notz, CEO of Global Swiss Learning. The avatar is an artificial person who sometimes appears as a man and sometimes as a woman and can be programmed in different languages. This makes it easier to make subsequent adjustments to the content, for example.

Only digital does not work

The first online training courses for bakers, confectioners, and pastry chefs are currently being tested in China and Brazil. The Richemont Competence Centre in Lucerne is responsible for ensuring compliance with Swiss standards and learning content and for certification. In both countries, Global Swiss Learning AG is in contact with various universities and schools that are interested in offering digitized courses. These work according to the blended learning system, a form of learning in which both theoretical learning content and manual skills are taught in a simple and cost-effective way using various forms of e-learning and face-to-face teaching. "The ratio of e-learning to face-to-face teaching is about 80 to 20," says Samuel Notz.

Long-term partnership

Now Global Swiss Learning AG is in the process of developing the next digital courses. This time, for catering professions. For this, the company is cooperating with the Swiss Chefs Association SKV and the Wigl publishing house. An exclusive agreement has been concluded with both for ten years.
Reto Walther, Managing Director of the Swiss Chefs Association SKV is pleased about the cooperation. "It offers us the opportunity to underpin the status of our craft and the quality of Swiss vocational training. Branding this with our association logo and being able to position our national teams as figureheads internationally is a perfect fit."

"With the content of Wigl Publishing, we will cover more areas in gastronomy and hotel management."

In order to make VET exportable, the target countries' peculiarities must be included in the development of the teaching materials. "Here we have found a competent partner in top chef Marco Mehr, who has just returned from Shanghai and worked in Asia for several years," says Afra Hörtig, Deputy Managing Director at Wigl Publishing. For Marco Mehr, most recently Executive Chef of the Park Hyatt Shanghai, the practical part is particularly challenging. "If we now say, for example, that in China they have to prepare the dishes shown in the course at home in the oven, it will be difficult. Most of them only have a wok and microwave at home. But that should not be a stumbling block. We are already pursuing different approaches."
(Désirée Klarer)

Original article released on 13 September 2021:  https://www.hotellerie-gastronomie.ch/de/artikel/die-kochlehre-wird-bald-zum-exportschlager

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