Meet Diego Barcellos, our Pastry Master Trainer in Brazil

When we started recruiting for our Brazilian Master Trainers who would come to Switzerland to become certified by Richemont, we received a precious recommendation from the Swiss pastry and confectionery chef Carlo Möckli (who has been based in Brazil for over 30 years): he introduced us to Diego Barcellos.

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Meet Diego Barcellos, our Pastry Master Trainer in Brazil

We were immediately impressed by Diego's wide smile and charisma. Diego has such a natural way of connecting with everyone around him. At Richemont, he made new friends, and the language barrier was not a problem. The connection he made with his colleagues was genuine, and although the training was complex, the smiles and positive attitude made those days lighter and more enjoyable.

Diego has an inspirational career path and has made a name for himself in the industry. He has worked in diverse hotel chains in Rio de Janeiro, including the Grand Hyatt, as well as in catering companies and pastry factories like Buffet Cristina Buchi, Torta e Cia and Deli 43.  

Get ready to be inspired as we take a deep dive into his professional life, the courses he has taken to become successful at his craft, and the experiences gained along the way:

Diego, can you tell us about your professional life and how it all started?  

I started in the bakery industry, and then I fell in love with the world of pastry and confectionery, with all the pies, sweets, and fruits. I decided to dedicate myself to this area and enhance my abilities by attending Faetec and Uni-Rio, attending a professional course in Patisserie with chef Carlo Möckli.  

With a lot of hard work, I managed to build a career in gastronomy and confectionery.

In 2015, I won the Senac award for “Best Pâtissier in Rio de Janeiro.” In 2017 I was among the 10 best professionals in Brazil in a contest promoted by Padaria 2000 magazine.

Today I’m an entrepreneur and have my own production of croissants and desserts.  

What was your experience at Richemont like, becoming a Master Trainer?              

It was an incredible experience, and I could see the whole structure the school has to offer. Everything is thought of in detail and is very functional. I could understand the whole methodology and had access to professionals who love their profession and want to teach everything they know.  

What was your biggest learning?

I learned how to take care of every detail in the preparations and to use the techniques that I had learned also online, and above all, I took as an example to follow the respect they have for the students. I learned that there’s a long preparation before each class and that we should deliver as much knowledge and experience as possible.  

What were some of the challenges you had during the course?                    

I had to present a 45-minute class for Richemont’s masters, staying calm and confident with the content I was assigned to talk about.

How can you connect what you learned with the Brazilian market?

Using the Swiss techniques, but with Brazilian raw materials, using items we have in abundance, which we sometimes don't use then due to the lack of knowledge.  

Do you have any advice for people who are willing to start working or progress in the career of pâtissier, or chocolatier?    

Invest in courses that teach techniques, such as GSL and Richemont's professional education. Observe professionals with solid careers, work with love, and practice a lot. These will take you to another level.  

What do you like most in your profession?

The connection I can establish with people through pastry products. Seeing the glow in their eyes and satisfaction in every bite. I also appreciate the network and support among professionals, who became also friends.

Stay up to date with Diego @richemont_brasil on Instagram.

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