Meet Abner, our Confectionery Master Trainer in Brazil

If you like inspiring stories, meet our Confectionery Master Trainer Ivan Abner. Abner started his career as a humble dishwasher in a bakery and later developed an interest in the art of pastry and confectionery. He worked in several bakeries and patisseries in his hometown of Limeira in the countryside of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Meet Abner, our Confectionery Master Trainer in Brazil

At this time, he couldn't afford to invest in training, and the educational offers in his city weren’t broad enough, so he decided to start learning on his own. Eventually, he began investing in training modules, workshops, and courses and started working at a large distributor of raw materials, where he had the opportunity to interact with professionals and chefs from well-known brands around the world.

He has always had an interest in studying more than just recipes and very early became a technical consultant, traveling throughout Brazil and other countries. Many opportunities came his way due to his daily efforts to improve his skills through further study and by challenging himself. By now, Abner has 20 years of experience in his profession and enjoys sharing his knowledge and exchanging experiences with others.  

Today, Abner travels the world showcasing his incredible artistic talent producing chocolate sculptures and fine confectionery products. Beyond that, he is one of our master trainers in Brazil, certified by Richemont and Global Swiss Learning in the art of Pastry and Confectionery. He is now training students and is also a reference point for our corporate clients in Brazil.

We interviewed him to learn more about his experience at Richemont in January 2023.

How did you learn about Richemont?

I met Richemont through Chef Carlo Möckli, who introduced me to their teaching philosophy and the Swiss vocational education. I felt delighted and could identify myself because I was already doing and believing in something similar. This opportunity motivated me to go back to studying even more to understand beyond recipes.

How was the experience of coming to Richemont in Switzerland?

It was an incredible journey and a rich exchange of professional and cultural experiences.

And I believe when we desire something, we can learn every day, no matter what stage of our professional career we are at.

What was your biggest learning/challenge during the course?

When you love what you do, everything becomes "easier". This even goes beyond the language barrier. I already had a similar way of thinking and working, and maybe this was the reason why I identified with and had an incredible connection with the Richemont method and philosophy.  

How can you connect what you learned with the Brazilian market?

Through the experience of traveling all over Brazil and knowing the difficulties of each region, I was able to learn over the years how to adapt to each situation. I always try to learn something new and try to transmit it in a simple and objective way, but without losing the essence, the techniques, and fundamentals.

I believe that this will be the path I will follow, showing that it is possible to study and bring the vast knowledge I gained and adapt it to the reality of each Brazilian student.

Do you have any advice for people who are willing to start working or progress in the career of chocolatier?

The first step is to believe in your art, study, and practice. Only repetitions will allow you to evolve and grow professionally.

What do you like most about your profession?

Being able to do what I love and demonstrate my art wherever I go. Through my profession, I can transform the lives of countless people. This was my choice: to pass on my knowledge!

Keep up with Ivan’s work at @richemont_brasil on Instagram.

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