Learning is all about the experience!

We understand the importance of engaging adult learners in a meaningful and captivating way. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of education, our primary challenge is to ensure that our students not only gain knowledge but also remain fully committed to the learning process, especially in the realm of online education.

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Learning is all about the experience!

In this fast-paced digital era, with distractions all around, we strive to maximize a multifaceted approach that goes beyond presenting relevant content. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional journey in our vocational education programs has led us to study the power of storytelling, crafting each course with rich knowledge that truly resonates with our students.

Our Instructional Designers are always engaged in video production, making sure we have high-quality and interactive content

We highly value having professionals in each field, guiding students through their learning path. Take Marco Mehr, our exceptional culinary coach, for example. He assists our instructional designers in developing the course content. He plays a crucial role as our culinary training avatar and also accompanies the journey of our Swiss clients in the in-company training sessions. Learning from an industry expert not only brings valuable knowledge but also fosters a deep appreciation for the subject matter.

Our focus is on continually improving the #gamification features in our courses, applying game elements like competition, rewards, and challenges to enhance engagement and motivation. Marco, who used to have his static picture in a tip-widget providing feedback to the students, is now a GIF: funny and eye-catching!

Our Head Culinary Excellence, Patrick Diethelm and Marco Mehr having some fun during the video production

We firmly believe that education should be more than just transformative; it should be an accessible and enjoyable experience. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement drives us to explore new ways to enhance the learning process, making it as dynamic and interactive as possible.

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