Introducing our new Swiss Chef courses

Watch Marco Mehr, our Global Swiss Learning Culinary Expert, a world-class chef and our new Swiss Chef course avatar, introduce our new Swiss Chef courses!

@Cayla Casares
Introducing our new Swiss Chef courses

Marco spent the last ten years working in prestigious hotels in Asia. He has cooked for celebrities such as Xi Jinping, Barack Obama and Katy Perry. He believes that to be a successful chef you have to get creative, and know how to solve problems, skills which he has mastered with Swiss vocational education during his career. We couldn’t be happier that he’s here to introduce our new Swiss Chef courses and to be our new avatar to help GSL students on their learning journey.

We'd like to thank our Swiss partner WIGL GmbH for helping us create top notch digital content, and apply it to our courses in Switzerland and abroad. Thanks, WIGL! And also our production team, for creating this video that captures our product and Marco's personality so well. Have fun watching!

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