Our diverse target groups

GSL delivers customized and interactive learning experiences focused on practical industry application. Our courses shape highly qualified professionals and get them prepared to meet the demands of the global market.

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Our diverse target groups

Global Swiss Learning (GSL) offers tailored solutions for various industries.

GSL's mission is to globalize Swiss professional education, serving as a gateway to professionals and companies for culinary and hospitality training worldwide—to enhance their skills and services with Swiss-quality courses.

GSL delivers customized and interactive learning experiences focused on practical industry applications. Our courses shape highly qualified professionals and prepare them to meet the demands of the global market.

The GSL blended learning model combines online and in-person teaching for a flexible and comprehensive learning experience. Eighty percent of theoretical content is delivered online, allowing students to learn at their own pace from anywhere, while twenty percent of practical content is conducted in person by experienced GSL Master Trainers or certified company trainers.

Our Solution:

· Flexible courses: Employees can learn anytime, anywhere.

· Customizable content: We incorporate your company’s training content into our courses.

· Multilingual: Our courses can be conducted in almost any language.

Our Courses:

· Culinary: Distributed across three levels (essential, professional, and expert), GSL's culinary program is rooted in expertise from the Swiss Chefs Association. Students explore culinary techniques, food categories, preparation methodologies, and recipes.

· Confectionery, Bakery, Pastry: Leveraging over 70 years of experience, Richemont provides GSL's confectionery, baking, and chocolate-making courses with high-quality content. These courses offer comprehensive knowledge and industry best practices across two levels: professional and expert.

· Restaurant Services: Our training program develops professional skills for restaurants, hotels, and other F&B companies. Students acquire expertise in table setting, beverage preparation, customer service, and more.

· Housekeeping: The Housekeeping training covers essential knowledge of effective cleaning procedures, techniques, room and facility arrangement, laundry care, and dish organization.

GSL constantly updates its courses to incorporate the latest industry trends and techniques. Upon finishing the program, students are awarded internationally recognized certificates.


GSL's Impact:

· For Culinary and Hospitality Schools: Elevate learning offerings by integrating top-tier Swiss content and methodology, enhancing course appeal, teaching standards, and Swiss certification.

· Hotels and Restaurants: Provide comprehensive training to staff on diverse culinary and hospitality subjects to improve service excellence, customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, productivity, retention, and brand reputation.

· Industrial Training: Adapt GSL's courses to the company's training routine, amplifying individual learning and proficiency in best practices and techniques.

Success Stories:

· Jan Stiller, Director, Lenkerhof: "The GSL program allows us to develop our employees until they reach the next level and are recommended for promotion. Ideally, we can train on-site and that training can take place at flexible hours and online, at learner’s own pace."

· Bogdan G., Chef, Balance Family Hotel: "The platform is easy to use. You can find exactly what you're looking for, and it's well-structured. I want to continue learning from it. You can learn on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. I've learned a lot so far - technical knowledge. Now I know some' whys'."

· William P, Supervisor, Bakels Brazil: "The GSL-Richemont course adds a lot to my career as a professional, both in terms of technical and theoretical aspects."

Get in touch with us at info@globalswisslearning.com or follow our page on Linkedin, to discover the full range of solutions GSL can provide for your company or school.

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