Global Swiss Learning in China, through our local partner CieCAS

Imagine an educational program that blends the rich depth of Swiss vocational education with innovative teaching methods—everywhere! This is exactly what Global Swiss Learning offers in partnership with local schools like CieCAS—the Center for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Culinary Arts and Services. Together, we are transforming the landscape of culinary education in China.

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Global Swiss Learning in China, through our local partner CieCAS

What makes this course so exceptional? First and foremost, it is designed to equip participants with Swiss-quality culinary skills. This program goes beyond merely learning recipes and basic techniques; it delves into the theory, technique, and ingredients behind cooking. Participants come to understand the reasons behind each step, which enhances their comprehension and appreciation of culinary art.

Additionally, the course covers a broad range of topics, from the most basic preparation methods to the most advanced aspects of cooking. Participants have the opportunity to explore 11 fundamental food groups, delve into the essence of various ingredients, and become familiar with a wide array of kitchen tools and devices. They learn not just to follow recipes, but also to improvise and adapt to different situations, thereby developing their independence and confidence in the kitchen.

CieCAS, in partnership with Global Swiss Learning and the Swiss Chefs Association, employs a structured culinary training program delivered both online and in-person, through a teaching platform and practical sessions. Offering complete flexibility, participants can study most of the material from the comfort of their own homes, tailoring the learning to their schedules. The in-person sessions are conducted by GSL-certified chefs Danny Feng and Evo Ni at CieCAS facilities in Shanghai, China. This provides a unique opportunity for participants to enhance their skills under the personal guidance of industry experts. Businesses and schools interested can also participate in additional programs to train their own trainers.

For food and beverage and hospitality sector companies, investing in this course is not just about enhancing their team's skills, but also about positioning themselves ahead of the competition. Having a team of chefs trained by Global Swiss Learning program means having professionals with in-depth knowledge, capable of creating and adapting world-class dishes using cutting-edge techniques and high-quality ingredients. This not only attracts customers and elevates the brand's reputation but also ensures that the company remains relevant and competitive in an ever-evolving market.

Since its partnership with GSL in 2023, CieCAS has developed strong connections with the hospitality industry in China, collaborating with prestigious companies such as Hyatt Hotels, Primus Hotel, and Naked Group.

If you're looking to train and upskill your culinary team in China, get in contact with CieCAS through info@ciecas.cn.

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