Becoming Richemont Master Trainers

We are kicking off 2023 with some exciting news: our experts from around the globe have arrived in Switzerland for the month of January, to take part in our first round of Train the Trainer at Richemont.

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Becoming Richemont Master Trainers

Their goal while they are here: to learn new techniques while immersing themselves in the traditions of Swiss Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery, so they can teach this specialized knowledge to GSL students enrolled in Richemont courses all around the world. At the end of their journey, they will officially be certified Richemont Master Trainers.

During the first week, chef Tina Tian, from China, and Pedro Calvo, from Brazil, baked with Swiss industry experts, including the WorldSkills 2022 Bakery bronze medal winner, Vera Stocker. They successfully passed through the evaluation to become Richemont Master Trainers for our Swiss Professional Bakery course.

Pedro Calvo, our Richemont Master Trainer for Bakery and his translator.

Our trainers are going through a similar lifecycle of learning as our students, starting their learning with our digital modules, which build up to an in-person training. During the in-person training, they create the recipes again, this time sharing the experience with their colleagues and industry experts. Our trainers go one step further than our students, however, and showcase their knowledge by presenting a trial lesson, in order to show their skills not only as professionals in their field, but as future trainers for GSL Richemont students.

Diego dos Santos Barcellos giving his trial lesson at the end of Pastry Week.

During the second week of training, Tina was joined by Abner Ivan Xavier Leme and Diego dos Santos Barcellos, industry experts from Brazil, for Pastry week. Altogether they embarked on their mission to master Swiss pastry. Tina, Abner and Diego worked closely with Urs Meichtry, the head of the Pastry and Confectionery department at Richemont, and alongside Pastry and Confectionery WorldSkills 2022 champion, Julia Thöny. Starting today, the three will change gears. Continue their hard work, they'll now venture into the wonderful world of chocolate for the final challenge: Confectionery week.

The team and their creations during Pastry Week: (left to right) Juliana Thöny, Abner Ivan Xavier Leme, Urs Meichtry, Tina Tian and Diego dos Santos Barcellos.

For us, it’s a humbling reward, to see a main part of our mission in action: education enabled across borders, brought to life in different languages, and it's been extraordinary to see our trainers working in collaboration with our partner school Richemont. We’re looking forward to this final week of Train the Trainer, and presenting the trainers with their well-earned Master Trainer certificates at the end of this week!

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