A chef with a law degree? Meet Corina, one of our certified trainers-in-training  

Read about a multi-talented, successful professional chef soon to become one of our trainers in Romania.

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A chef with a law degree? Meet Corina, one of our certified trainers-in-training  

We sat down with Corina G., one of our trainers-in-training in Romania, to learn more about her amazing life story and her passion for Culinary.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Corina G. is a successful executive chef currently supervising teams in two restaurants in Romania—Rod and Kupaj and Cluj-Napoca. After completing her law studies in 2014, she followed her passion and entered the culinary world. In just five years, Corina worked her way from kitchen assistant to executive chef. Corina started the GSL Train-the-Trainer program in November 2023 and is one of three trainers who completed the online part (300 hrs!) in under a month.

After 13 years of amazing culinary experiences in Spain, Corina faced a hard reality returning to Romania—the culinary experience was just not the same. This is when she started to cook, first for family and friends, and then as a volunteer at an NGO during her law studies. After graduation in 2014, she had to make a choice: Law or cooking? The choice was obvious. "It was pure passion," says Corina.

One of the things Corina realized was that apart from the practice, she had a lot of theory to catch up on. She tried several culinary courses in Romania, but unfortunately, they did not provide the learning experience she was hoping for. She was positively surprised to find GSL's in-depth, well-organized culinary program.

Corina’s determination to improve her skills is inspiring. We are greatly surprised to learn how much effort she applies to it.

"I had to learn everything by doing, and I am still learning. Every year, I volunteer to work for free in a Michelin Star restaurant in Europe"

These are some of Corina’s feedback about our courses and her learning path in our culinary program:

“I was very pleased to find Nutrition among the mandatory fundamental's modules. You really have to know these things to be able to plan a menu. Back then when I started my chef career, I had to do my own research and even approached a nutritionist for counseling.”
“I was never taught how to teach before. And to be honest, this is one of the challenging parts for me. I am now doing the assignments, and I have to say: They are difficult. But I realize I need to learn how to teach to be able to train others.”
“It was easy to complete the GSL online part because there were these additional webinars with the instructors. I always had the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback when I needed it.”

We are continually building our community of trainers around the world.

If you're interested in becoming a certified trainer, get in touch with us at info@globalswisslearning.com

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