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We offer courses based on the original educational content used in vocational schools by our top-ranked Swiss educational partners. Our courses are built to help companies train their employees so that they can:

  • Qualify team members quickly and efficiently
  • Create internal career paths for employees
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention
  • Optimize schedules thanks to asynchronous learning
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See how the team at Pumpstation Gastro Incorporated our Solutions to upskill their team

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Flexible & adaptable

Using our courses is easy and efficient.
  • Flexible: employees can learn from anywhere, anytime
  • Customizable: incorporate your content into our trainings
  • Scalable: train a large number of professionals at the same time
  • Adaptable: incorporate our courses into existing trainings
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“GSL's program enables us to develop our employees until they are at the next level and then recommended tor a promotion. It's ideal that we can train on-site and training can take place at flexible times and online at your own pace."

Jan Stiller
Director, Lenkerhof Spa Resort

"The course GSL- Richemont adds a lot to my career as a professional, both in terms of technical and theoretical aspects. It's always good to refresh and learn new techniques. The course has been very beneficial for me."

Willian P.
Technical Supervisor, Bakels Brazil

“Platform is easy to use. You can find exactly what you’re looking for and it’s well structured. I want to continue learning with it.​ You can learn on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.​ I’ve learned a lot so far—technical knowledge. Now I know some “whys.”

Bogdan G.
Chef, Balance Family Hotel

"We need innovative tools to train our employees, and we have found them with Global Swiss Learning."‍

Armin Egli
Chef, Pumpstation Gastro (formerly the Chedi)

"We think Global Swiss Learning's program is fantastic, and now we are using it."

Michel Péclard
Restaurant owner, Pumpstation Gastro

“The course is dynamic, informative and entertaining. It is a pleasure to learn from it. It is very practical, and you can apply what you learn 1 to 1 in the company. A forward-looking way to mix digital and practical."

Maik Pfister
Team Manager, Pumpstation Gastro

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