Richemont is the independent Swiss centre of excellence for the bakery, pastry and confectionery industries. The Swiss Bakery and confectionery Association founded Richemont in 1945 in the city of Lucerne, where it still has its headquarters today. The services include, in particular, comprehensive training of professionals within the Swiss dual education system. But also seminars for companies and groups, sales training, a book and teaching aid publisher, a wide range of consulting services as well as research and development are part of the offer institutions.

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Richemont has been awarded the eduQua certification in the field of education since 2004. This label certifies the technical school’s up-to-date, high-quality and practical offerings and guarantees participants the standard required for continuing education institutions.

Richemont also advises and supports companies in technical and sales-related questions. This includes optimized production processes, identification of sources of error and implementation of corrective measures, introduction of new technologies, development and implementation of new product ideas as well as technical support and training in sales, marketing and administration.

Richemont has also been providing training in partner schools around the world for many years and is very familiar with the different cultures and their respective training standards. It is therefore a great honour for Global Swiss Learning to be able to offer the Richemont Blended Learning courses exclusively worldwide. We thank Richemont and the Swiss Association of Master Bakers and Confectioners for this partnership.

Richemont blended learning course production has started!