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the Swiss dual education system
the dual education system

The dual education system is one of the most important pillars of the Swiss economy and its major success factor.

The apprenticeship system consists of basic training in a company and supplementary training at a vocational school. After young adults complete their compulsory schooling as apprentices, they receive high-quality training and direct access to the labor market - an unbeatable combination.

And as a side effect of this system, youth unemployment in Switzerland remains low: 1.8% in July 2022 (Source: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). Another characteristic of the dual system is the so-called permeability, according to which later further training courses are always open to all professionals.
2/3 of all young people in Switzerland start their career with dual track Vocational Education Training, lasting two to four years, depending on the profession. With the skills students learn in VET, they are fully employable.

Global Swiss Learning aims to repeat the success of the Swiss dual education system on the international stage. There are, of course, quite different and distinctive conditions in each country. However, the unique blended learning courses developed together with the partner schools are modular and can be adapted to the specific local requirements.

WorldSkills: Young Swiss professionals are world leaders!​

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WorldSkills 2022 Competition Special Edition

As ambassadors of Swiss vocational education, we are very happy to be the sponsors of the next "World Skills 2022 - special edition" and even more special for us, as some of the Skill's competitions will be happening in Switzerland!

The WorldSkills competition is held every two years, and young professionals up to the age of 22 can compare their skills and abilities with their colleagues from other countries. Around 1,600 participants from more than 80 countries and all continents show what they have learned. The competitions are held for over 50 different occupations.​

The Swiss delegation regularly scores very well in the World Skills competition and wins numerous awards. At the last event in 2019, in Kazan - Russia, the Swiss professionals won 5 gold and silver medals, as well as 6 bronze medals. This success is one of the reasons why Global Swiss Learning has set the goal of making Switzerland's successful vocational education and training accessible worldwide. It means that many more talented people will be able to participate in this event in the future.

We just can't wait to be there, on the ground, at the WorldSkills 2022 starting next days to cheer up for the young talents from all over the world!  

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