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Reach more students by expanding your excellence on a global scale​

While preserving the quality and standard of your courses, we can globalize your business and give more students access to your Swiss vocational courses.

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Benefits of our partnership

Expand your business globally

It is our job to find the best markets for your educational content. We look locally and globally, and address a broad audience along the way: students, local schools abroad, companies and government institutions, who want to offer your course content in their local language.

Stay updated with new technologies

Over the last years, the traditional way of educating has adapted to a changing world. Don't get left behind in digital education. With our partnership, you can stay up to date, and implement the newest teaching methods in education technology.

Our Swiss

We believe that good partnerships can change the world, and that when we work together, we can help people achieve greater objectives: like reaching for more knowledge and accomplishing higher goals.

With the support of our Swiss partner schools and institutions, we help transform people, countries and the world of education.

How we guarantee quality AND STANDARDS

Our methodology

Ensuring the quality and standards of your courses

We build excellent digital courses, with top didactics and use the most renowned tools and platforms, to ensure the quality and standard of your education


We find the best markets for your education and implement the correct positioning strategy with our local team's support


We collaborate with the local schools and institutions abroad and run the entire operational process so you don't have to


We ensure that the teachers and facilitators in local schools are properly trained and meet your quality standards


We organize local and global marketing with the endorsement of your institution to attract local and international customers


We finance the whole process from start to finish


We leverage the brand value and international recognition of your institution

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A stroke
of luck.

I am convinced that our partnership with Global Swiss Learning is a stroke of luck. ​I always appreciate the cooperation.​

Reto Fries, CEO @Richemont​

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