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Swiss apprenticeships for the whole world

Founded in Zug in June 2020, Global Swiss Learning AG aims offer Swiss vocational education internationally in a digitized form. It will start in 2021 in China and Brazil with online courses for bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners. Other countries and professions shall follow.

Zug, October 6., 2020. Education is the most important resource that Switzerland has at its disposal. The dual education system has proven its worth and is admired worldwide. Switzerland is a leader in the field of vocational teaching in particular. Other countries should also be able to benefit from this strength and increase their level of education. This is where Global Swiss Learning AG, based in Zug, comes in, taking advantage of the many new opportunities that digitalization brings. Through a platform, the digitized learning materials can be taught all over the world and in the same quality as in Switzerland. “The future is digital," says Samuel Notz, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Global Swiss Learning AG, "this also applies to education." The implications of the Corona virus have already significantly accelerated this trend.

Modern form of learning

At the heart of the digital system of Global Swiss Learning AG stands the so-called blended learning, which is also called integrated learning. It is a modern form of learning in which the theoretical learning content, but also craftsmanship skills are taught mainly with different forms of e-learning. The digital courses are then optimally matched with practice blocks and with classroom sessions. Global Swiss Learning AG cooperates on site with selected local partner schools. "We are convinced that demand abroad will be very high," continues Samuel Notz. In many countries, valuable training is becoming increasingly important. "The authorities are becoming aware of the prevailing "skills mismatch" and are promoting traditional vocational education in addition to university education."

Start in China and Brazil

The first markets to be entered in 2021 will be China and Brazil, with vocational courses for bakers, pastry chiefs and confectioners. Richemont is responsible for the learning content and certifications in accordance with Swiss standards. The independent, Lucerne-based competence centre for the entire sector of these three professions is the first Swiss partner to participate in the program. "With this cooperation, we can make our knowledge available to a much larger audience much more easily and cost-effectively," explains Director Reto Fries. "With a second vocational school we are already intensively talking about courses in the fields of gastronomy and the hotel industry," Samuel Notz outlines the next steps. Vocational training in the field of HealthCare is also planned. Other countries and industries are to follow.


About Global Swiss Learning AG

Thanks to digitalization, Global Swiss Learning AG, based in Zug, can provide the contents of Swiss vocational courses online and at an affordable cost. With this groundbreaking approach, Swiss vocational schools can offer their specialist training courses worldwide. Together with Global Swiss Learning AG the schools are making the step abroad and do not need their own complex structures.


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